Where to look, and what to use.


I spent one year helping to teach Kindergarten in 2012, but I didn’t want to model our homeschool after public school. So while I knew the “how” of teaching small children, I didn’t know the “what.” Needless to say I was very discouraged when it came to…

And how they’ve helped us.

How we talk to our kids has as much effect on them as what we say to them. They learn from the way we speak to them, by our tone of voice, and our intentions. Kids who are spoken to with respect are usually the kids who know how to speak with respect toward others. The most effective way I have found to speak to my own children is by being assertive and clear. Assertiveness is bold, confident, firm, and positive. All the things most kids are longing for in a parental figure.

There are other less effective ways to…

And How to Have One


According to Dr. Mary Hood, “Relaxed homeschooling is a mindset that embraces these four tenets: you are a family, not a school; you are a dad and the head of a household, not a principal; you are a mom, not a teacher; and you have individual relationships with your children, not a classroom. Learning experiences are guided by parental goals and the goals, interests, and personalities of the children.”


But, it didn’t.

Our daughter Jocelyn next to her Daddy’s hand.

It was April of 2013. I was a newly pregnant 27 year old. My husband and I had been married for 3 years, and we were right in the middle of moving from New Mexico back to Utah. When I started to have some weird symptoms that I thought were pregnancy related.

It turns out, they were not.

They were symptoms of HELLP syndrome. But at the time I didn’t know that. In fact for the 6.674 months I was pregnant HELLP syndrome had never ever been mentioned to me.

It wasn’t until after I delivered our 2.1 pound, 14…

The four steps that have helped me out the most.

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“You wanted someone to understand without your having to tell them, but you didn’t really believe anyone could. You had to learn to keep your feelings to yourself, perhaps not even acknowledging them yourself.”
-Adult Children of Alcoholics, Janet Geringer Woititz

I do not feel like your average 34-year-old, mom of three, small town living, homeschooling woman.

I might seem average. My husband and I are total nerds. We love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I play the guitar. I binge watch True Crime shows on Netflix. I love sports. We co-op a lot of video games. We…

The art of living purposefully.

Image owned by the author.

A couple of weeks ago my cousin Luke Rowley called me, telling me that he had found over 35 monarch caterpillars. He asked if my kids would like to raise a couple. An emphatic “Yes!” came from the back seat of our Tahoe as I mentioned it to Curtis. So, we went over to pick up a few.

Now I know everyone knows how a butterfly forms. First, it is a caterpillar. Then, a chrysalis. And finally, a butterfly. But, have you ever had the chance to experience this amazing metamorphosis?

Because it is magnificent!

Your first, or your third.

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The last couple of years, my husband and I have had a lot of bad luck with employment. It started in 2018, when after a 8 year stint, my husband quit working for his parents.

They had embezzled about $37,000 dollars from us in unpaid wages, credit card debt, and using his name to apply for loan after loan, all while “trying to save their company.”

So he quit.

And that was the start of our bad unemployment luck.

During our first unemployment, we had no savings. When my husband received his last paycheck that was it. …

Because we have a dog.

Meet our pup, Raven.

A few months ago my husband and I decided to buy a trampoline for our kids to play on. The day it arrived I called our home owners insurance company to let them know that we had a new trampoline in our backyard. After all of the technicalities of adding a trampoline to our policy, the agent on the phone asked, “By the way, while I’ve got you on the phone, do you guys happen to have a dog?”

I answered, yes we have a dog, though she has never had to be on our policy. She proceeded to ask…

And I DGAF what other people think.

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Our kids are 7, 4, and 2. Clothing is 100% optional at our house at all times. When our kids do decide to get dressed, sometimes it isn’t in the most productive or acceptable way. And you know what? I really don’t care.

There are times, when the clothing our kids wear needs to match the situation we are going to be in. Take for instance church. Our girls wear dresses and our boy dons a tie and a button up shirt each Sunday. …

And how we are learning to live intentionally.

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Disclaimer: Homeschooling works beautifully for our family. My husband and I are able to make enough money (he going to a “real job” and me working from home on the computer) that I can stay home with our kids and homeschool them. In writing this I understand that homeschooling cannot work for everyone. This piece was written to explain why we homeschool, not to judge anyone else for choosing not to, or for not being able to. We say to each their own.

It was a conversation that we started to have after our first baby was born. She was…

Whit Jackson

Wife, mom, artist, writer. Jack of all trades, but master to none. I know I could be someone if given the chance. I am here to learn and grow, will you join me?

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